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How To Stop Heel Pain After

Are you a very active person and like jogging running or exercising too much? If the answer is yes, you must be not new to heel pain, even in walking or jogging, heel pain is caused due to many conditions, but one of the most common conditions is swelling of the tissue on the bottom of your foot. There are many reasons for that such as;

1.    Walking or jogging for a long time
2.    Not wearing socks off right size
3.    Not wearing comfortable shoes
4.    Running in the incorrect posture
5.    Putting too much pressure on your feet

The heel pain can be felt after the age of 40 years normally, but it doesn’t mean that people younger from such age cannot experience this, as the reasons differ and taking care of your feet is very important to prevent heel pain. Here are some major reasons for heel pain apart from the age factor.

Being Overweight

If you are simply overweight, your heels might hurt every now and then, as your body can not bear the weight and in a result, the feet are swollen. The excess weight of the body can easily damage the plantar fascia of feet and this will make the feet weak in order to absorb the pressures and shocks which can directly lead to heel pain.

Too Much Pressure

If a woman wears heels for a long time, or if a person walks or jogs for so long then heel pain is a common thing for them. As feet require rest also, in order to go back in their normal positions, the tissues in the feet are very strong but they don’t have any extra space to go in when they are swollen so continuous walker light experience heel pain at any time.

Foot Abnormalities

Don’t ever consider that if you have heel or feet pain you can cover that cure it on your own, as it can also be an indication of any foot abnormality, keep in mind that feet take more time to heal as compared to any part of the human body. So looking out for early symptoms of any foot abnormality is always better as compared to treating the condition which is mature.

Here I suggest you a good way through which you can easily treat your hurting heel and feet.

A Warm Bath

Fill a tub with warm water add some salt and your favorite shampoo in it, make sure that is lukewarm before you put your feet in. now relax your feet in this warm tub for 15 minutes, after this take them out scrub them gently with a sofa or scrubber and clean them with clean water. Now apply some thick moisturizer on your feet massaging the pressure points of your feet. This will surely give your feet relaxation and you can feel that at instance also. 

You can do this weekly. If you do if after running, you can see the heel pain after running go away in 15 minutes only. 

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